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When searching for a doctor, please remember that Viva UAB members have access to UAB Health System, including Medical West for primary care, OB/GYN, and other health care services. Viva UAB members also have access to our entire network of podiatry, optometry, ophthalmology, pain management, allergy and immunology, and chiropractic providers. Viva UAB members under the age of 18 have access to Viva Health's entire pediatric network with no referral required.

Viva Access members can use any Viva Health network provider, but care inside the UAB network will have lower out of pocket costs. Doctors that have the "UAB Network" tag will have copays for the UAB Network tier on your Attachment A. Doctors that have the "Viva Health Network" tag will have copays for the Viva Health Network tier on your Attachment A.

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Are you looking for a DME, dialysis center, hospice, or any provider not a doctor? Please use the Viva UAB Provider Search.

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